Jan Tait and the Bear is a new comedic chamber opera by Emily Doolittle, based on a medieval Shetlandic tale of adventure, friendship and a ferocious bear.



Mixing musical genres, spoken word, electronics and Ensemble Thing's virtuoso musicianship, Independence is a new work by Glasgow-based composer John De Simone which examines musical, cultural and national identity in Scotland from the perspective of its composer, an English-born Scottish-Italian whose grandfather, John MacCormick, was instrumental in the founding of the Scottish National Party.


Replaceable Things

Ensemble Thing presents two extraordinary works examining the human condition in the 21st century. John De Simone's Panic Diary is a deeply personal work about living with an anxiety disorder. Thomas Butler's Replaceable Parts for the Irreplaceable You explores our relationship with new technologies. The performance combines live music, cold electronic soundtracks, spoken word and video.